Building a Better Future: The Art of Better Built Homes

In the pursuit of a comfortable and sustainable lifestyle, the concept of “better built homes” has gained significant traction. Homeowners, architects, and builders are increasingly focusing on creating dwellings that not only meet immediate housing needs but also contribute to a better future in terms of efficiency, durability, and environmental responsibility. In this blog post, we will delve into the world of better built homes, exploring the key principles and practices that are reshaping the way we design and construct our living spaces.

1. Energy Efficiency: The Foundation of Better Built Homes


One of the central tenets of better built homes is energy efficiency. These homes are designed to reduce energy consumption and minimize their carbon footprint. Here’s how it’s achieved:

Passive Design: Better built homes are oriented to maximize natural light and heat. Smart positioning of windows, insulation, and shading help regulate interior temperatures without excessive reliance on heating and cooling systems.

High-Quality Insulation: Superior insulation materials and installation ensure that the home retains heat in the winter and remains cool in the summer. This not only enhances comfort but also reduces energy bills.

Energy-Efficient Appliances: Energy-efficient appliances and lighting are integrated into the design to minimize electricity usage.

Solar Power: Many better built homes incorporate solar panels to harness renewable energy, reducing reliance on fossil fuels and lowering electricity costs.

2. Sustainable Materials and Practices

Better built homes prioritize sustainable materials and construction practices. These homes are kinder to the environment and healthier for their occupants: Recycled and Reclaimed Materials: Incorporating recycled or reclaimed materials into the construction process reduces the demand for new resources and minimizes waste.

Low VOC Paints and Finishes: Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs) found in conventional paints and finishes can be harmful to indoor air quality. Better built homes use low VOC or VOC-free options for healthier indoor environments.

Efficient Waste Management: Effective waste management during construction ensures that materials are reused or recycled whenever possible, reducing landfill waste.

3. Durability and Longevity

Better built homes are designed to withstand the test of time. Durability is key to reducing the need for frequent repairs and replacements:

Quality Building Materials: The use of high-quality building materials ensures that the home can withstand the elements and maintain its structural integrity over the years.

Robust Construction Techniques: Better built homes are constructed using advanced building techniques and expert craftsmanship to prevent common issues like leaks, cracks, and structural weaknesses.

Regular Maintenance: Homeowners are educated on the importance of regular maintenance to prevent issues from developing or worsening.

4. Healthy Indoor Environments

Better built homes prioritize the health and well-being of their occupants:

Improved Indoor Air Quality: Advanced ventilation systems ensure that indoor air is fresh and free from pollutants, allergens, and mold.

Natural Light: Adequate natural light is essential for a healthier living space. Large windows, skylights, and open floor plans maximize daylight exposure.

Noise Reduction: Better insulation and soundproofing techniques create quieter indoor environments, enhancing comfort and well-being.

5. Smart Home Technology

Modern technology is integrated into better built homes to enhance convenience and efficiency:

Energy Monitoring: Smart meters and energy monitoring systems help homeowners track their energy usage in real-time, encouraging responsible consumption.

Home Automation: Automated systems control lighting, heating, cooling, and security, optimizing energy use and enhancing convenience.

6. Water Efficiency

Water is a precious resource, and better built homes prioritize water efficiency:

Low-Flow Fixtures: Water-saving fixtures reduce water consumption without compromising functionality. Rainwater Harvesting: Some better built homes incorporate rainwater harvesting systems for non-potable uses like irrigation and flushing toilets.

Conclusion: Investing in a Sustainable Future

Better built homes represent a shift in the way we think about residential construction. They embody the values of sustainability, energy efficiency, durability, and healthy living. While they may require a higher upfront investment, the long-term benefits in terms of reduced energy bills, improved indoor comfort, and the satisfaction of contributing to a more sustainable future are well worth it. As the demand for better built homes continues to grow, we can look forward to a future where sustainable, efficient, and healthy living spaces become the norm, not the exception.

Christine Cappas
Christine Cappas
Mike is a truly genuine person who cares about his client. From the start he was very transparent and let me know how everything works, he is very knowledgeable and knows his stuff! I completely trust him in buying and buying my first home
Monserrat Reuter
Monserrat Reuter
I built my first home all on my own thanks to Sev and Marlise. I don’t even know where to start as words cannot describe how grateful I am that I found these two. To build my own home was only a dream that Sev and Marlise helped make into a reality. The unconditional support and dedication towards whatever I needed throughout the whole process made me feel so safe and looked after. Even though I built my dream home on my own it never felt that way, it didn’t matter the time or day, these guys went out and beyond for me with every detail and step of the process. They are people of their word that you can genuinely trust in this dog eat dog world. They are upfront and honest, it was never about the money but how you felt leaving their office. I had many friends and family tell me about the awful experiences they had building with other companies, so naturally I was a little frighten and on guard but Sev me Marlise squashed this with one meeting. But the biggest thing I can say about Sev and Marlise is that my experience was incredibly fulfilling and wholesome and I am so grateful for them and their expertise and professionalism. If I ever decide to build again I know exactly where to go! Thank you guys so much for all the love and support which has continued even after the build. Much love to you all!! 😊
Ashley De Faria
Ashley De Faria
Sev and Marlise were so incredible throughout our time with them. We’re so happy that we got to work along side an epic team. My partner and I had a vision, Sec and Marlise happily put up with our pickiness and changes (including after hour messaging), and did everything they could do bring that to life. They are so warm and welcoming too making this whole crazy big process more enjoyable. I couldn’t recommend these two enough!
Raphaela & Amelia Jay
Raphaela & Amelia Jay
Mike was wonderful from the beginning and still helpful. We were about to give up Building but Mike assured us that he will definitely make it happen. Thank you Mike
Errin Patsy
Errin Patsy
Contacted Mike by chance for a new build and was met with honest and factual help. Excellent follow up and support, Mike is reliable and will go out of his way to get the best deal.
Rhys Crawford
Rhys Crawford
Mike has been helpful and reliable in getting my first home build started and well on its way to a timely completion. I recommend his services to anybody looking to build a new home!
Natasha Hanisch
Natasha Hanisch
When searching for a home loan you need to be able to rely on someone you can trust to be able to present you with all the options available and give you the right information to make the right decisions. Mike King from Better Way 2 Build is able to do all of this and so much more, with his extensive experience and knowledge he was able to answer confidently and made us feel at ease using Better Way 2 Build. Everything was handled quickly, efficiently and his customer service is the best you could find anywhere else. "Thanks Mike for helping change our lives.”
Mk Ultra
Mk Ultra
Mike King has helped my little family get into our own home by guiding us through everything that is to know for building a house. I did not know anything about building, I was shown and given 100% support for the process of owning my own home and I am still being supported during the build. I was given an amazing package deal much cheaper then I predicted with heaps of extras, in the location I wanted. Mike King has made it easy to understand the process and I would highly recommend him.